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Are MEDIA completely biased?

One of the best features of Media is that they can literally grab anybody’s attraction and often succeed in selling people bill of goods. They have the potential to conceal home truths like a perfect full coverage concealer yet out of the blue they can expose a charming hot mess.

Well, knowing every detail of how the media work is definitely a hard nut to crack but then again I can provide you with some relevant points which will unveil how media has actually managed to slip inside our good book. So, chop chop!

To begin with, let me show you two straight facts how media came in handy.

Social media played an essential role and President Ben Ali was exiled and the government was overthrown. This movement was proliferated by the young Tunisians on Facebook and Twitter.

2011 is known as the year of social media democracy because of Arab Spring, democratic uprisings against the autocratic government. across the Arab which began with Tunisia Revolution and quickly took hold in Egypt, Libya, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, etc.

Film, television, and radio.

In 1980, Mr.Satyajit Ray made Hirak Rajar deshe which directly referenced the most controversial emergency period(1975-1977), satirically. This film depicts election suspension, opponent imprisonment, and press censored, sarcastically.

Even from the movies- ‘Schindler’s List’, ‘Life is beautiful’, ‘Anne Frank’ and ‘The Boy in the striped pajamas’. We can perceive the brutality of the holocaust, concentration camps, or gas chambers in the WW2 phase. In the movie “Blood Diamond”, we can witness the unrest condition created by insurgent warlords, poverty, malnutrition of poor children and women in Africa who were forced to collect diamond ores.

The film, ‘Matrubhoomi-a nation without women’ examines the adverse impact o female infanticide on the gender balance. Recently the movie “Pink” portrayed the tragic condition of women in Indian Society. This legacy of portraying the original facts and thus spreading social awareness unbiasedly has been performing by these media for since long.

Media is not always yellow bellied. Just like playing HOLI sometimes make us realize that daag acche hain (stains are good), the job of media is actually not getting their hands dirty. It is another open book which people might love or might hate but can never ignore.

BBC-CNN and many other news channels broadcasted the tyranny of dictatorship in Syria under the rule of Bassar-al-Assad, Egypt ruled by Hosni Mubarak, and Libya, led by Muhammar-Al-Gaddassi.

Even the Vietnam war is often called as Living room War or Television War as it was the 1st war to be systematically telecasted having satanic effects of war, how people are killing each other for no reason. Collecting such footages is undoubtedly a game behind the eighth ball but media hit it out of the park!

These broadcasts were criticized by many other countries as all these are against humanity. We are thus knowing both pros and cons of these telecasts because of their unbiased nature.

Radio had a vital role in the last phase of the Indian Freedom Movement like on the activities of Azad-Hind fauj or Indian National Army and also the Royal Indian Navy Revolt in 1946 which ensured Indian Independence.

Newspapers, magazines, and journals.

Newspapers like the Bombay Chronicle, Hindustan, Kesari, Maharatta, Harijan, Young India, and the Hindu played a significant role in different times of the Indian Freedom Movement like Noncooperation Movement in 1920, Quit India Movement in 1942, Jalianwallabagh Massacre in 1919, Partition of Bengal in 1905 and fabricated chauvinism amongst Indians.

With the help of the magazines and newspapers like Tattwabodhini Patrika and Sambad Prabhakar, Ishwarchandra Vidyasagar fought against child marriage and strongly protested against polygamy marriages. Both of these social evils had an ill effect on women’s dignity and self-respect. He and Derozio also fought for Widow remarriage and merciless killing of women, accused of being witches, with the help of these newspapers.

Raja RamMohan Roy manifested Bengal Renaissance and abolished the practice of Sati, the Hindu funeral practice where the widow was burnt alive in her husband’s funeral, with the help of various magazines and newspaper Sambad Kaumudi.

Thus, back in the days the social reconstruction was achieved to a great extent with the assist of unbiased newspapers and magazines. Our pioneers did not throw in the towel and continued doing their noble job. They had faith in the then media and climbed uphill.

Let’s get it straight, media most of the time is a bitter pill to swallow because it frequently figures out the Achilles’ heels of certain things we boast off. It never gets cold feet.

Bear in mind, choosing a particular entity or a particular object is our choice. We do get ample time to categorize our priorities and eventually support or follow things that are being broadcasted, irrespective of any influence. That does not mean that we can beat out the power of media.

Media was there when major evolutions took place. Media is still the ace of spades to various platforms. Media will remain the ultimate set up, master mind behind pulling the strings!



Dear love,

Hey, my princess Happy Birthday to you darling. You have become fifteen, and have ultimately reached that age where you will begin to wonder that your sister is somehow wrong and too ancient to be shared your problems with.

Baby, trust me you are no different than the rest of the kids of your age. 

This particular phase of your life will teach you to become self-dependent, optimistic, vibrant, and bold. So fasten your seatbelt darling. You have to work hard and focus all your energy on achieving your goals, which if not decided by now would become too late to be thought of.

Certainly, in the course of the long run, you will face various hardships, dazzling opportunities, and a great deal of distressing emotion. Be kind and have courage. I definitely do not want you to behave like Mother Teresa by forgiving everyone who would do wrong to you. Remember, do never support injustice but at the same time tolerance will enlighten your caliber to a great extent.

Be kind to those who will be there with you every time as it’s difficult to get a true and loyal friend. Also, keep in your mind that keep your friends close but your enemies closer as the latter thus will think twice before backstabbing you and within that time you can execute something to protect yourself.

Never forget that education will help you to brighten your scorecard but true knowledge and perfect guidance will help you to make the foundation of your life very strong so that later on you will be able to put heavy burdens on it and survive easily.

Do never disrespect anybody because of their complexion, status, or merit because all of these are too temporary and my love, karma has always been a bitch since the beginning of life on earth.

This will be the time when you will fall in deep love with a cute or handsome boy. Do never hesitate to speak the truth but sometimes secrets are meant to be kept and promises are meant to be broken. That ugly, poor guy whom you will begin to hate, once he’d declare his love for you, might never come back to you. That means he will possess a great deal of self-respect and self-dignity. And if he does hank after you like a dog, go and inform the police as that guy will become obsessed by then. It’s well known that obsession will lead to fatal attraction and that is of course perilous and unwanted.

Your heart will be broken and your mind will be shattered many times. Do not cuddle your pillow and cry silently suffering and asking yourself what is your fault. Come to me rather, I’ll let you know my experiences that will for sure prove what a stupid I was at your age. I will make you understand the things you’re bound to seek inside a person meant to stay with you forever. Mark my word, baby.

Forever can be a lie and one hell of truth at the same time. It’ll be a lie when you will fail to understand the reason why in spite of being you having your best match, everything in your life will seem to be in an imbalanced position. Forever will be true when a simple life will bring an immense amount of peace and happiness into your life.

Lastly, do never dare change yourself to please someone. Instead, show people how your difference will make you shine like an expensive diamond. Mahabharata has said that revenge is the purest emotion. Therefore, do never go to sleep without planning an act of revenge against someone who will play an unfair game with you. But assassination won’t be a good choice either.

Prove them wrong in the most smooth way and thus enjoying their failure will help you to become triumphant. Their eyes will reflect their defeat and then you will go to them and offer the hand of a warm friendship because doing so will keep your former enemies closer. You must always listen to your parents and loved ones to understand but not to reply back. Thus you will be able to weigh the density of their urges or instructions and hence failure will be scared enough to touch you.

Stay blessed, be happy. Life is all yours. Ooze out the pessimism from within it and do not lose faith in God. When you will see that your favorite item or person is going away from you, don’t be disappointed. God has obviously planned something better for you.

With love and blessings,

Your sister.

Are artworks subjective?

Art is everlasting. Art is eternity. Art is Truth. 

The word subjective has a deep connection with people’s emotions. It deals with what people are going through. A particular piece of art can encourage a person and can demotivate another person. It is all about human psychology and it is nothing but the occult being performed by the pituitary gland, also known as the Master Gland. 

In this digital era, gone are the days when people used to write poems to convey their feelings to others.

Poems have always been strong enough to fathom the sender’s emotions and the recipient’s reciprocation. There are so many creative genres that exist in this world and each one of those has a maestro. So does poetry! 

John Keats, one of the most famous romantic English poets from the 18th century, was the epitome of love and emotions. Unfortunately, his greatness got recognition after his death but still he is being considered as one of the captains in the romantic poets club.

His creations are everlasting and evergreen. His intuitive contents are like those precious and rare gems which lighten and brighten everyone’s mood. Also, his words have the intense power to make people remorse for their long-lost love. Emotions, if it is an art, Keats is undoubtedly the Picasso of it. 

Poems like Ode to a Grecian urn are exclusively made for all those who are madly in love and want it to last for an eternity. People who never want their love to be ephemeral have always admired such poems. 

“Bold Lover, never, never canst thou kiss,

Though winning near the goal yet, do not grieve;

    She cannot fade, though thou hast not thy bliss,

               Forever wilt thou love, and she be fair!” 

The above lines are the excerpt from the poem Ode to a Grecian Urn which depicts how badly the poet wants his love story to remain evergreen and phenomenal.

The poem is all about a painting on an urn depicting various scenarios and it is considered one of the most romantic poems ever. Arts can never be erased and nor emotions. It has to be subjective!

So is the power of poetry.

It can make people dream of fantasy land and also can scare people like that of an obnoxious nightmare, e.g. La belle dame sans merci by John Keats.

This particular ballad by Keats depicts how a beautiful lady enthralled a knight using her enchanting aura and captured him at the end. Readers have often felt a chill down the spine whenever they have come across this particular portion;

“And there she lullèd me asleep,

    And there I dreamed—Ah! woe betide!—

The latest dream I ever dreamt

    On the cold hill side.”

Edgar Allan Poe is considered to be one the best when it comes to marvelously dangerous horror poems. The readers often perspire after going through his pieces and many have confessed that they have felt uncanny eerie after having read his poems. His Bridal Ballad is considered to be one of the best CORPSE BRIDE attire for the Halloween party since it one of his scariest creations!

Poems have words that convey feelings, persuade the readers to feel the poet but what about paintings?

This vibrant world is a place where people daily change colors just for their survival. Who says paintings are not subjective? They are the most savage form of emotions that can ever lead people to ponder forever. 

The Nightmare by Henry Fuseli in the year 1781 had set the world on fire.

That painting was of an unconscious woman lying on her bed in her nightgown like a sacrificial victim.

On her stomach squats an excremental troll. His pricked ears cast horn-like shadows on the curtains behind her, which are, in turn, thrust apart by the head of a wild-eyed stallion. It is said that this painting was actually done to outclass Sigman Freud.

Another mind freaking painting, namely, Saturn Devouring his Son by Francisco Goya is still a horror to many people who are passionate about art. An Indian movie actor, who died in the year 2020, once saw this painting in a museum and became sick immediately after.

It is said that the painting depicts the famous mythological incident where the Greek myth Titan Cronus eats his son. It is said that according to a divine prophecy Titan was supposed to be overthrown by his child and hence he ended up swallowing his children fully. This particular picture on the other hand shows how Titan is tearing the head of his son which is too disgusting to be admired.

John William Waterhouse who had always a keen interest in depicting the beauty of women on his canvas created his one of the most famous art and gave the name: The Soul of the Rose.

It shows a beautiful lady admiring roses and her aura is absolutely breathtaking. The minute details on the art have attracted uncountable art admirers overages. It is said that this graceful artwork is an inspiration from Lord Alfred Tennyson’s “Come to the Garde, Maude” and an excerpt reads:

“Queen rose of the rosebud garden of girls,

Come hither, the dances are done,

In gloss of satin and glimmer of pearls,

Queen lily and rose in one;

Shine out, little head, sunning over with curls,

To the flowers, and be their sun.”

Hence, poetry and painting have always been subjective.

Vincent Van Gogh’s Sunflower ( in French: Tournesois) shows gratitude and is one of the most beautiful paintings ever on this planet. 

Poems and paintings are a combination that still inspires people to live. Art is that sanjivnee booti (Selaginella bryopteris) which everyone seeks in their utter dismay.

A good relationship is an art. Even a scientist is an artist because without a creative mind nothing can be innovated and every creative mind is ruled by art. Thus Art has always been subjective and it will always be so. It is as true as the sun’s power, as pure as the moon’s glow and as beautiful as Cleopatra’s aura.

WOOD PHONE CASES will change your life!

God did an incredible job by creating the human beings. From the banging of flint stones till coming up with the concept of an electronic lighter, the spectrum of innovation by humans has only gotten longer and thus the mind’s eye has always flourished.

A gigantic turnaround took place when the world got introduced to plastic. In the year 1907, a Belgian-American chemist Leo Baekeland created Bakelite, the first-ever synthetic plastic. Thereafter the real decay of nature began as you reap exactly what you sow.

Plastic products are lipstick on a pig!

Plastic is considered to be the new ambassador of decay.

One of the terrific weaknesses of human beings is getting hooked to loopholes. Such a shortcoming has convinced people to adopt the eye washing perks of using plastics which consequently has gotten the entire system totally wrapped in time.

A lot of awareness has been spread across the globe but to call a spade a spade, people have lost the plot with the cheesy yet mind freaking advantages of plastic products.

Meanwhile, use your loaf and recall the very stunning third law of Newton!

  • According to Natural Environment, every year around 10000 sea turtles and marine animals die as they choke themselves by swallowing plastic items considering them as their food.
  • It takes around 400 years for a plastic bag to get decomposed which is not only a hard nut to crack scenario but also one of the primary reasons behind aquatic pollution.
  • The ‘Plastic Soup’ patch in the Pacific Ocean (Australia) is twice the size of the United States of America, covering 80% of the ocean and the entire contribution comes from 50 million garbage bags.
  • In 2018, the total amount of plastic waste generated in the U.S. likely rose to about 39.9 million tons, based on a growth rate of 5% which is equal to the annual growth rate of U.S. bottled water sales.
  • A study found that between 2 to 3 percent of plastic waste generated in the U.S. in 2016 was either discarded as litter or illegally dumped, according to the research. Combined with waste exports, it means the U.S. contributed 2.25 million metric tons of plastic to global pollution levels — 1.5 million of which ended up in coastal environments that directly feed into the ocean. That is five times more than in 2010.
  • As per 2019’s report, production and incineration of plastic materials have elevated the level of Green House gases to a great extent which is equivalent to 850 million tons of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The problem is omnipresent and we are not blowing some smoke of, for sure.

Amongst all, one thing remains unaltered- WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND.

Mark these words because Karma is an obnoxious entity and will never spare a moment to pay us back with whatever we have done. We have taken the moronic responsibility of exploiting the nature and She’s never gonna bite her tongue!

Get off their tail who still admire the use of those toxic elements. Just like charity begins at home, every social revolution begins from an individual level. It’s high time that we must quit using plastics and switch to something organic, non-toxic and of course, aesthetic.

Anyways, enough of grave discussions. Yeah, we all know that getting rid of plastic pollution is definitely behind the eighth ball game but hold on to your horses;


Wood phone cases:

Earth’s atmosphere is not a big fan of the three musketeers, Sulphur dioxide, Carbon monoxide, and Nitrogen dioxide – primary sources of air pollution. Fossil fuels, the non-renewable source of energy, lead to the ejection of these toxic gases every time they’re being used.

Thus, excess consumption of these fossil fuels will eventually finish their  existing quantity off and will make us travel back to the medieval era, hence making matters even worse.

Wood if responsibly resourced, is the only renewable material available. It is biodegradable, recyclable, and renewable. Therefore, switching to wood articles will be extremely beneficial for us as well as for the next generation because-

  1. The pollution level will be reduced to a great extent.
  2. The fossil fuels will not be depleted which otherwise will cease the working of this technologically dependent society.

But do wood products lead to the promotion of deforestation?

Well, the answer is NO.

The woods being used are always the excess quantity which is not chopped off directly from the trees. Thus, using wood products will be non-hazardous and of course extremely vital in checking the pollution level.   

It’s time now to get our act together.

Why wood phone cases?

  • Wood phone cases are not rocket science.
  • The products are extremely durable.
  • One of the best parts is that wooden products are shock-resistant.
  • Using wood cases will add an aesthetic value to the product.
  • These cases are not heavy at all.
  • Wood cases can be engraved as per customer’s choices which is highly vintage.
  • There are so many options when it comes to choosing a wooden case. For dark color cases, one can go for walnut wood or rosewood and for lighter color cases bamboo or cherry good is nearly perfect.
  • Wooden cases always age backward. The more the usage the more glamourous it becomes due to the reaction between oils secreted from hands and the composition of wood.
  • These are absolutely eco friendly.

Using wood products will definitely uplift the natural balance by reducing the adverse effects of plastic products. It’s all downhill from here!